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 Happy Birthday to Secret Kamiki (5th Anniversary)

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PostSubject: Happy Birthday to Secret Kamiki (5th Anniversary)   Mon 27 Aug 2012, 1:03 am

We all forgot the forum's birthday !

Open : August 23rd, 2007

Happy 5th Anniversary to all the Secret Kamiki community !

I want to thank you all of you for contributing in your way at the forum while posting pictures, messages, translations and so on ♥
I remember the opening of that forum, it was hard because Aya wasn't well known outside Japan and it was only a French forum ... then I decided to open it to International members while translating all topics to English. It was a great idea otherwise the forum might be dead/unactive today. If the forum exists it's above all thanks to you ! I was afraid of being the only active member of the forum because a lot of members registered don't come anymore today ~ but I have that chance to have precious members such as :
- Kawaii Niji, Pekaming, Aya Rocks, cybermoneygod, Utena, miss_pickledpossum, Nahriel, Sayuri*, Aby Shadow, ☆Voice_Catcher, DarkGuyver, Ishii, AnneSuicide, Syntax, haruka, Reemy, adncamacho123, Tamiyo, EMLee, SanyaChobanu, yuycia and all others + those who contributed a lot to the forum in the past (secretxcode, Lave-vaisselle, Kamiki Aya, Kratos, Klim79, yukihiro, Shuya, Akai-Shuichi, Wildone, moni, Jeks99)

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Happy Birthday to Secret Kamiki (5th Anniversary)
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